Our Mission

Our mission is to socialize in style while providing an elevated tea experience for our youth. This experience teaches them proper etiquette; bringing the community together through food, drink, and conversation, as well as promoting social skills in good manners.

Core Values

What: Fellowship
Why: Bond, Build, Bridge Gap
How: Bringing Community Together

Our Principles

1. Diversity: We embrace our diversity and our strength.


2. Integrity: Integrity, faith and honesty is our mantra.


3. Collaboration: Together we believe there is no obstacle we can’t overcome as people of courage, dedication, and vision.


4. Healing: Consuming tea bestows healing properties. Our Fascinators & Tea is a symbol of our unity, and our commitment to excellence, healing, and progress for people in our communities.


5. Empowerment: We are powerful, we take our place, we stand our ground and we make change happen when we put our minds to it.


6. Connection: With our voices we connect. There is nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come. This is our time.


7. Fashion: Dressing is an expression of confidence and pride.

Talks Over Tea

An Intimate Tea Experience hosted by Fascinators & Tea for Your Community.

Give Your Support

Join Fascinators & Tea as we transform communities through our services, mentorship programs, and talks over tea, along with your charitable donations at the link below. Our work together will go a long way to helping our community grow.